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What are the main functions of the interactive flat panel?


As an indispensable device for smart meetings, the interactive flat panel has functions such as writing, annotation, interaction, multimedia, and remote video conferencing. The efficiency of communication in applications such as conferences, presentations, and deployments are the preferred equipment for office and teaching in the information age.

What are the main functions of the interactive flat panel? Let me introduce our H8Q IFP to you as below.

All in one

It integrates the functions of projector screens, electronic whiteboards, televisions, computers, Ipad, set-top boxes, and audio devices to realize modern smart office, improve corporate image, improve corporate office efficiency, and promote

the development of corporate intelligence and information.

4K Anti-glare UHD display


The detailed picture is vivid and lifelike, and it still can be presented clearly even in strong light and dark light environment.

Original handwriting


Infrared touch technology, ±1MM high-precision pen control, could meets the requirements of efficient meeting writing.

Annotate, scan code, share and save

The comment mode can be turned on on any interface, and the key points of the meeting can be recorded at any time, and the written content can be saved and shared with the QR code.

8-megapixel camera


Excellent high-definition picture quality, multi-party audio and video interaction shows the images of the two places, making you feel like you are on the scene.

6 built-in array microphones

The pickup distance is up to 8M, 2.1-channel stereo, bringing clear and stable video effects.

5G wireless screen mirroring

Computers, mobile phones, and Ipad can easily cast screen content wirelessly, and support split-screen display on four devices at the same time, so the comparison is clear at a glance.



Open face-to-face meetings at any time to reduce travel.

VIP reception


Create a welcome ceremony for every visitor at zero cost.


Powerful dual system


Optional Android8.0/Windows10 dual system to carry more applications.

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