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Conference board VS projector


Many people like to use projectors to display and share information. We can see projectors in company meeting rooms, training rooms, and various educational venues. However, with the widespread use of projectors, its disadvantages are also emerging day by day.

Before buying a projector, you need to think about all kinds of questions. For example, How do I choose a brand? How much does it cost to buy a screen? How long can a VGA cable be used? How far apart is the better for the projection screen? After buying a projector, there will be various troubles.

You could refer the comparison between a conference panel and a traditional projector as below:

1. Contrast in appearance

Traditional projectors generally use a long cubic appearance, and the colors are mostly black and white. With the changes in people's aesthetics, the appearance design of the projector has also undergone tremendous changes. The appearance is more fashionable and diverse, the colors are becoming more and more diverse, and the appearance is becoming more and more compact.

The conference board integrates a projector and a screen, and is known for its "big". Normally, it’s available in five sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 86-inch, and 98-inch. The colors are mainly black and gray tones, which are more obvious business style.

2. Comparison of accessories

There are many accessories for the projector, such as remote control, converter, VGA cable, HDMI cable and so on. Before each use, connect various wires and debug the equipment.

The conference board saves these cumbersome accessories and is as convenient and practical as a computer. It can read and display files directly by plugging in a U disk.

3. Comparison of display quality

There is a common disadvantage of projectors: it is greatly affected by ambient light, the picture is blurred in a high-brightness environment, and the visual experience is poor.

The projector can usually only be used in a dark environment. If it is used in a high-brightness meeting room, the picture will be severely white, low definition, and poor projection effect. If the light is turned off and the window slats are closed, the meeting room will be seconds away. It becomes a "small black room", the light is so dark, how do we make meeting notes? During the lecture interaction, it is very simple to block the light of the projector, which makes it difficult for people watching the projector to see the interactive content on the screen.

The conference board uses a large 4K high-definition screen with a screen resolution of up to 3840x2160 and approximately 8.3 million pixels. The color is pure and natural, and the picture quality is smooth and delicate. It can display clearly regardless of ambient light.

4. Functional comparison

The projector has only a single display function.

In addition to meeting the needs of high-definition display, the conference board can also realize functions such as touch writing, multi-screen interaction, and remote conferences. It uses infrared touch technology and supports multi-touch. It can write, shrink, enlarge, and move text on the screen, and it can also add writing pages to extend the writing space indefinitely. The written content can be sent to the email or mobile phone to scan the code and take away, more convenient and efficient; multi-screen interaction of conference board, Ipad, and smart phones can be realized without data cables, and files can be easily transferred; with the assistance of remote conference equipment, the conference board can transmit real-time meeting scenes in real time, without delay, and steadily. Communicate face-to-face without leaving home.

5. Comparison of service life and cost

In terms of price, in general, although interactive projectors need to purchase two products, projector and whiteboard, the total price is slightly lower than that of conference board. However, the service life of the projector bulb is usually only 2000-4000 hours, so it is necessary to continue to invest money in the later period to purchase the bulb, plus the money for the purchase of screens and accessories. The service life of the conference board is 60,000 hours, which can be invested in one time.

Through the above comparison, it is not difficult to find that in the comparison of appearance, accessories, image quality, function, service life and cost, the conference board is better and more cost-effective.

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